About Us

Recruitment for Nurses by Nurses

Healthcare Professionals Recruitment Services (Ltd) was conceived by a group of healthcare professionals who felt that healthcare professionals deserve better rewards for the hard job they do in providing quality care to the public. This establishment offers benefits like no others agency does.

A Partnership - Our Members Share Company Profits

Every one of our members is a partner of HCP Recruitment Services. This means that at the end of the financial year, all our members will be entitled to a share in the profits of the company. This is a new angle for the Healthcare agency and, as HCPs ourselves, we know that this is the best move for nurses, doctors, midwives, and other healthcare professionals across the UK.

To find out more about our Profit Sharing scheme and other member benefits, take a look at our Why Us page.

Our Goals

With a combination of determined vision and natural caring values, HCP Recruitment Services is not a typical healthcare recruitment company. Unlike other healthcare agencies, our service is all about you – our members and employers.

Our aim is to create a partnership with all Healthcare professionals around the UK. Together we can provide a highly skilled, well-motivated workforce to the NHS, independent healthcare providers and our communities. Our clients always come first and duty of care is of the utmost importance to us.

For employers we are a cost-effective solution, offering highly motivated team members and providing excellent job satisfaction. We want to be the catalyst for positive medical staff resourcing in the UK, bringing together nurses/midwives and healthcare providers with maximum efficiency and with a core value of patient care.


With transparent rates and structure, we at HCP Recruitment Services offer something unique. We treat every client like they are our first and provide a no-fuss, quality recruitment service. We are proud to be a forward thinking, efficient and ethical recruitment company and do not have the characteristics of a sales-focused agency.

We are governed by our carefully written constitution which provides a framework for establishing the organisation’s principles and the way in which it operates. It stipulates co-ownership as its ultimate purpose, and the responsibility of co-ownership is what set us apart from the other recruitment bodies.

"Our uniqueness is in the way that our staff are at the heart of our organisation and we provide exceptional care to our clients …Excellent care because we understand their needs."