Healthcare Professional Training

HCP Recruitment Services believe that through effective and targeted training plans, we can help all our members increase their skill set and also their pay rates. As a group of HCPs we know the different training options available and which ones are best suited to each role and specialisation. To find out more about our training options and team, just register and you will be able to access the training options available. It's that easy!

"Healthcare Professionals Recruitment Services accepts The Health and Safety Groups 'Skills for Health' CSTF Mandatory + Statutory Training"

Why Train with Us?

Training is an important aspect of any HCP's role. Whether it's a role requirement or personal development your training can give you better pay rates and access to better roles. We want to make sure that your training is completed to the highest standards. After all we are in partnership. This means that when you are highly trained, both you and the company will receive a higher rate for your work. As you will have a profit share, this will benefit you in the long term. We have created this structure to benefit all Healthcare Professionals and i'm sure you'll already see how different we are to your previous recruitment agencies.
•Focused training to help you get better rates
•Union linked to Agency to help with any issues
•Professional Development Plans with you in mind
•Monitor and update your training through our portal
•Make extra money by adding training plans
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